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It was understandable.


We'd better do that before 2:30.


She was doing the housekeeping.

Jackson could not believe it.

Promise that you will keep your promise.

Jackye wondered what was on Kees's mind.

Izzy says he needs a vacation.

I knew from his tone how much he hated me.

Josip retreated to his bedroom after dinner.

I guess I should get home to the wife.

I'll tell you on the way.

She has pearly teeth.

Alexis burnt the cabin to the ground.

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Hwa used to be a professional baseball player.

The wheat is coming very well this year.

After Tor ate a little food, his strength returned.

Can you still remember the time we first met?

Do you think the accused is really guilty of the crime?

Amarth doesn't want my help.

Rust is gradually eating into the metal parts.

Gerard verified the date of the meeting.

Put your gloves on.


Do you play any other instruments besides the piano?

I had beef stew for lunch.

I don't want to go.

Bob hasn't changed.

Everybody's different.

I believe I understand.

Why are you saying goodbye?

He called me up from Tokyo.

He makes a rule of attending such meetings.


I think we should stay and fight.


When I found my true identity, my life began to make sense.

Plastic can't eat this.

"I live in Washington, and everyone swears like sailors." "As a fellow Washingtonian, I agree."

It's my picture, not yours.

It's probably going to be hard for you to leave Boston.


Joel doesn't want to take part in the ceremony.

When is my next appointment?

Raj is the champion.

The company is turning to export markets to make up for a decline in domestic sales.

This isn't over yet.

I yelled out the window at Jinny.

Can you elaborate?

We'll have to try it again.

Is that what you really believe?

Here is your receipt.

The roots of this tree go down deep.

Not much soccer is played there.

Radek never gave me the details.

I have just received a package.

Why do you look so distraught?

We need some help here.

You're finicky.

Besides being a surgeon, he was a famous writer.

What will you play for your piano recital?

We had fun.

She taught Finnish for 25 years.

Mrs. Smith goes to church by car.

Where are our umbrellas?

Are you telling me not to go?

I like Greg, but he doesn't like me.

I'm not doing anything wrong.

She's a hair stylist.


She was accepted into Boston University.

We need some more firewood.

It exists, but seeing as it is taboo and that nobody talks about it, there's no need to have words for it.

Parties are fun.

But he doesn't know it yet.


With this cool autumn wind blowing, we can feel the change of season.

The Diet will meet on Tuesday.

A new oil tanker was launched.

He was injured in a car accident.

An uncle of mine is a doctor.


Everyone agreed to a certain extent.


They believed that this time must be different; that their voice could be that difference.


I'm glad I don't need that.

I really need to get some sleep.

I want to talk to your boss.


Do Scots have their own language?

What do you think this sentence means?

My hobby is cooking.

You are not the only one who is dead.

I'd be happy if I was healthy.


The label is stuck on the box.


I don't know anything about marketing.

She has achieved her goals.

Your idea is similar to mine.

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Let's cross our fingers.

Jeany appears to be a bit worried.

I couldn't get my car started.

He hurried out the door, and accidentally forgot the key at home.

You are required to wear a suit and tie to work, aren't you?

Joyce got his way.

Not a single cloud could be seen in the sky.

Tait made it very clear that we were supposed to help him clean the house.

Don't play with me.

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Would you like regular prints?

Moses heard Paula play the piano not too long ago.

Leung has long blond hair.

Reflect on it a while. You'll see I'm right.

Louis is having trouble keeping up with the rest of the class.


The cost of the book is five dollars.


That's very unlikely.

Are you German?

I asked him to help.

Those was irrational.

If there is anything I cannot stand it's filthy teeth.

Chicago is the principal city of the Middle West.

How often do you go to the dentist?

That blonde girl with curly hair is from Sweden.

How to go on without you?

He works for a bank.

He has no more than one hundred books.


I haven't thought about that in a long time.

His pulse beats slow.

He's the bomb.


We are clearing our backyard.

Do you deliver?

He knows German and French, not to mention English.

You look like your father looked thirty years ago.

You don't owe them anything.

The doctor told Sonny he needed to eat a more balanced diet.

Mother told me not to waste the money.

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If you want to come with us, you're welcome.

Pantelis was at the hotel.

The tall man left in a hurry.


They were too naive to understand the necessity of studying.

I didn't know you were coming here either.

You're probably hungry. Let me get you something to eat.

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That's your responsibility.

I told them I changed my opinion.

Thank you very much for your present.

The fact is that he slept late that morning.

He died from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.


When can I see them again?


The quality of Reiner's work has improved lately.

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If you don't want to tell me, that's OK.

I just don't like football.

I don't think Sharada is listening.

May I have a drink of water?

We would've gone home early, but Jon asked us to stay a little longer.


We could meet you at 2:30.


Please call Art and tell him that.

Don't misbehave.

Why are you helping me?

She knows nothing about the birds and the bees.

You can't just barge in here whenever you feel like it.


He found me a taxi.

Your feet will lead you to where your heart is.

My brother is a college student.


I hear he is looking for work.

Sabrina is better than me.

Mashed potatoes are often eaten with gravy.

Why can't you be more like your sister?

I diced one.


She is pigeon-toed.

At five o'clock, there's always a rush.

I saw a lot of people in the park.


Alejandro has been saving up money so he can go to Boston.

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Bobbie's company went public.

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What we want to do next is check the oil level.

It is another story now.

I don't know how much worse this'll get.