I do not understand the exact meaning of this sentence.

I thought I saw something out there.

I've no idea what's happening.

I'm delighted about that.


He had no idea what these words meant.

This is my home now.

Please, don't be noisy.

His theory was absolutely unrealistic.

I'm little worried about him.

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I figured you might be hungry by now.

He burped.

I'm prepared to give you a second chance if you want it.

Maria never told us much about himself.

Max never mentions his children in his blog posts.

The people wanted a chance to become rich.

Do you ever buy raffle tickets?

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She loves Ralph more than she does me.

We looked for it here and there.

God created you.

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Let me explain for those living under a rock.


When you've finished reading that book, I'd like to read it.

I cannot understand it.

We lamented his death.


I think he is angry.


Hold the line please. I'll put you through to his office.

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There's too much to do!

To our surprise, our son has suddenly shot up recently.

I'm not saying anything.

Maybe we should talk to them.

Siegurd smiled at me and we began to talk.

Dan's message was insulting.

Have you ever made your wife and children happy?

Only after leaving school I realized how important it is to study.

It doesn't work for me.

I'm drinking the coffee.

Someone stole Phil's bicycle.


It was cool getting to know you, Johan.


How much do you love Billie?

There was no response.

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

Thomas tried his best not to get wet.

I hate this part of town.

Betty was the first girl who came to the party.

Free Palestine!

When was that?

Since it was late at night and I was very tired, I stayed at an inn.

He parked his car behind the building.

I would like to know what happened to you...


From this you can conclude that feminism is still necessary.


Once I arrived home from school, I heard some sounds coming from my closet, and thinking that it was just our pet cat Chiro, I opened the door wide open, and instead found some guy I didn't know inside.

Simon might run.

Who do you believe is the most capable?

So I boosted a couple of CDs. So what?

Eggs are cheap this season.


I feel the need to do something different today.

If you're not too busy, could you please help us?

We never found out what happened to Gail.


Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles and the point where they exit from the apparatus.

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They spoke quietly.

We're saving lives.

Clark and Gigi both wanted to be astronauts.

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May I see the contents of the package?

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I really did learn a lot.


Everything is subject to the laws of nature.

Tollefsen was doing all the talking.

It looks like you want to say something.

I want to be a teacher when I grow up.

There was peace all over the world.

They just don't make them like that anymore.

This isn't what it looks like.

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Suzan began to remove his gloves.


The girl June was beginning to love was beginning to love him, too.

There are about seven billion people in the world.

He told us a very exciting story of adventure.


Bobby is very naive.

He's tall, dark, and handsome.

You wouldn't want to do that.

Be sensible.

You'll get nothing.

The person that told me the mall closes at 9:00 p.m. was wrong.

I've heard that there's a new cake shop near the station that makes delicious cakes.

Colourless is a world without language.

We calmed down.

When he left the navy, he found it hard to adjust to life ashore.

I happen to agree with him.

Hubert has to change his shirt.

Could you come back a little later?

Pria is asleep now.

The teacher was surprised at the extent of his knowledge.

We have to rent a room to hold the party in.

Glen drank the beer in one gulp.


We've got to get back to the lab.

Germany's future is in good hands.

I'm inclined to believe Fred.

He attained his hopes.

I'm pretty sure that Ning likes his job.

I'm not going to take it any more.

I get up at seven every morning.

Elias worries too much.

I haven't eaten for two days.

I'm not sure it'll do you any good.

Would you recommend buying a house on Park Street?

Only in theory, the project is possible.

They're living in a fantasy world.

Ping is waiting for you at the bar.

I'm unarmed.

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I didn't say anything.

What is the thaler?

The suspension bridge is miles above.

I'm tired. Let's go home.

They usually sail in calm waters.


Joachim jumped to his feet and ran out of the room.


The coast is clear.

Gregory wants to leave, but he can't.

Japan consumes a lot of paper.

What I don't understand is why.

He stared at me and said nothing.


The recommendation from my boss made all the difference.

One of the detectives seized him by the neck.

We attempted breaking the lines of the enemy.

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Did you get in touch with her?


The biggest caveat of using social media is reduced privacy.

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I'll tell her right now.


The new commercial for the Marine Corps is called "Esprit de Corps."

Because he is wealthy, he can go there.

He can do what he wants!

Ric watered the garden.

She wakes up at six every morning.

Are you sure you pressed the button on the left?

This is just awful.

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You can't stop this.

I always wondered what that noise was.

This country needs a new president.


I'd like to hire you to paint a portrait of me.


This restaurant won't do.

He's waiting for the train to leave.

It's always been the same.

Sundar would have missed the train if he had stopped to buy a chocolate bar.

I'll have to tell him.

Why are you looking for Hirofumi?

Pilar didn't disappoint me.


The book is tan.


I call her up every day.

Have you ever driven a van?

I come from a humble background.

I doubt the veracity of his statement.

We'll provide you with anything you want.


We fix all kinds of clocks here.

I'm going to check out at eight.

It pleased God to take away my son.

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I could run much faster when I was young.

This isn't about her.

Giles had a point.


We can't function like this.

Reid is quite attentive.

Don't criticize him in public.


Thinking about her future, she is unsettled.


Kent has different plans.

He hesitated for a while.

Would you mind if I made a few suggestions?