I know why you did it.

Ilya wasn't surprised to see Bruno there.


We'll wait an hour.

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It's a much larger problem than you think.

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Be careful what you say publicly. It may have consequences.

That's really not the same thing.

I think you've misunderstood.

Your mother would be proud.

Nobody answered.


Elsa is feeling much better.

I still don't do so well in crowds.

I got them to do it.

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I had a bad night.

That's brilliant.

Come have dinner with me.


Do you listen to the radio at home every day?


I have more than one thing I'm good at.

Can your wife drive?

I'll come back at six thirty.

Do you want to sleep?

I hope you do fine.

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She's not a child.

You must realize that prosperity does not last forever.

Nanda and his brother play on the same team.


Does this dress look good on me?

I will give a bunch of flowers to my girlfriend.

It was impossible for me not to think of incident.

What do you think I'll do then?

Raj really wants your help.

The property left him by his father enables him to live in comfort.

Coffee or tea?

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Tell Rahul it's not his fault.


She rarely stays home on Sunday.

The ancient Teutons celebrated the season by decking a fir tree, for they thought of the sun, riding higher and higher in the heavens, as the spreading and blossoming of a great tree.

Tell Phill to relax.

Alejandro finally succeeded in getting a job.

Is Toby still with Louis?

He is a person you can go and steal horses with.

When did she send you her pictures?

Our store sells a wide range of fashionable clothes.

My friend wants a car of his own.

Your story can't be true.

Put the book back on the shelf when you're through with it.


It is better that you should know the truth.

I'd advise you to not eat that.

Renu feels homesick.

I'm curious about something.

The priest skillfully drew a picture of a priest on a folding screen.

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You have to enter your house number, suburb, post code and street seperately.

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I agree with everything Louiqa said.

That went very well.

From childhood I dreamed of being a pastry cook.

Nothing bars our way.

It is our duty to obey the law.

Can't you talk any sense into Sandip?

I'll tell Micah what I know.

Let's go early.

We'll shoot.

The work is well worth the trouble.

Do you think he was only making believe that he was sick?


We agree to your proposal.

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I asked Trent to help us do that.

It's getting harder.

Where did you beat them up?

Nicholas lived in Boston.

Have you ever jerked off to a picture of a friend?


They hate spiders.

It grew dark.

Lar made that mistake on purpose.

I don't have any cash on me.

It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of the habit of early rising.


One day I was lost in London.

She used the car to go to the office.

I'll give you my typewriter in exchange for that radio.

It's up to you to get to school on time.

I think your French has improved a lot.

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She divorced him after many years of unhappiness.

What makes you think Del doesn't like you?

As a little child you used to trample on my apron, but one day I fear you will trample on my heart.

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There's nothing as precious as love.

I'm feeling guilty.

I have the answer.

I'm okay with that.

A lot of people swim here in the summer.

"It is when you overcome that, that a boy becomes something-something" "If you're trying to say something important sounding keep talking right to the end!"

There's nothing left for me to do.

He has done it in just a few years.

The doctor urged the patient to stop smoking.


Can you please go for me?

Linda never attempted to attract attention to herself.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Your dog has huge paws!

They declined the invitation to our party.

She held out her hand and I shook it.

Give Dani something to eat.

Debris littered the streets.

That surprised them.

The cables were custom-made.

Yeah, let's go!


You shouldn't go fishing today.

The has agreed to pay us three hundred dollars.

I thought we weren't going to go there.

He is no longer the shy boy he was.

I have but one thing to say to that.

Nobody suspected.

She is used to sleeping in a tent.

It made Tracey sad.

What passes for leisure in our society is actually time-consuming.


Do not take your mind off work.


He darted a spear at his enemy.

When the sun shines, all is well with the world.

I've got something in my eye.

Let's not invite her.

I met Ted at a party.

I think that puts an end to the debate.

Beth must be at least thirty years old.

I can't go out, because I was injured a week ago in an accident.

He recovered quickly.


He usually fed his dog cheap dog food.


I always carry a bottle of mineral water with me.


I like to work with him.

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Please turn over the page.

Man has been writing for about 6000 years.

They weren't listening to music.

How did you feel then?

Tell me why you have told on me to the teacher.

There's a good chance that he'll be elected.

I hated myself for doing that.

"Damn it! I forget my umbrella on the train." "Scatterbrain!"

I didn't want to spend my whole life there.

Hopefully this Punch & Judy show is nearly over.

I prefer to buy domestic rather than foreign products.


He depends on his parents for his university fees.

It doesn't look like anyone's been in this room for years.

If you keep harping on his flaws, he'll grow to resent you.

We're just getting ready to eat.

Do you ever think about me?

I bought all sorts of sexual toys for my honeymoon.

Sylvan knows better than to lend Harris money.

His friend knows an ex-Senator.

Production fell rapidly.

How much do you make?

Get your shit together!

One of Janet's students gave him an interesting painting.

What did you do until such time?

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He took out a loan in order to buy a car.


I'm stuck here in Boston.


I took part in the contest.


I just can't keep my eyes open.


I don't understand him sometimes.

Rob is a soccer player.

She gave her assent to the match.

She wants to go to America.

He is able to speak Japanese.

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He will come after all.

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you just said.

When are you picking it up?

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You can buy it yourself.

So, what are you up to tonight?

Terry didn't try to resist.

There is an apple under the desk.

We had fine weather on that day.