Tatoeba was temporarily unavailable.

We don't have any strawberry ice cream.


What can you see from your window?

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Raanan can't remember where he hid the documents.

His grandmother can't see, can she?

Here are your keys.

I'd rather be dead than red.

Does the bus stop here?


The sun went down behind the mountains.


Is Eileen still recovering?

Thomas already knows.

I'm not going to shoot you.

That guy's too much for me.

The witness stated his name.

I want to do this on my own.

Since he's visited Rome many times, he knows it well.


You're the perfect girlfriend.

Ami should've already discussed that with you.

Do you like kombucha?


I didn't have anything to drink.

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I was wondering what to do about Toufic.

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Don't shoot.

Japanese and American interests clashed on this point.

This isn't your place.


I've loved French cakes since elementary school.

He doesn't sleep.

I suggest we try a little harder.

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I quitted playing the guitar.

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Delbert is eating fondue.

What have you gotten us into?

We have overlooked this important fact.

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We'll never be able to get past the guards.


I'd better wake them up.

Slartibartfast turned down the flame.

He is a very irritating critic of others.

Stop talking like a fool.

We hardly ever see you around here.

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I love his daughter.

Hirotoshi just wanted to be helpful.

I'm hammered.

I don't believe anything you say.

I don't remember him saying that.

We should consider this problem as a whole.

Frederick came from a very physically demonstrative family.

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

We shouldn't judge people by how they look.

How many faces does a cube have?

You must not give up.


Can I cancel this ticket?


Thank you for your help.

Did you know that Courtney is blind in one eye?

The samurai decapitated his opponent in one fell swoop.

I can't stand the sight of blood.

I'm not taking sides.


Why didn't you tell me you needed my help?

After that, what happened?

Gene asked Edith if she liked Chinese food.

Grasp all, lose all.

Think forgot my birthday again this year.

Nguyen handed a cup to Boyce.

Let's definitely do that.

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How does that make you feel?


It is just an annoying little habit that I have.

I wasn't fired. I quit.

I never did anything to Spy.


I've forgotten something.

Skip and Clayton are really good friends.

I have nothing to ask forgiveness for.


The Jacksons have invited us over for dinner tonight.

Don't you want to say anything?

Clarence said that he would not invest in stocks unless there was a definite payoff.

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Naoto won't tell us where he lives.

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O grey pussycat, please don't purr. Grandpa might hear you.


Ernie cooks very well.

Mr White wanted to help them.

I'm not involving him.

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I'll take your EEG.


Do you have to give a talk?

Unfortunately, the usage of MacBooks is very limited in Turkey.

Don wants to go by train.

He jumped off the roof.

I've told you things I've never told anyone else.

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I cannot lick my fingers. I'm not a cat.

I want to be a physician in the future.

Who died and made you king?

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We can always count on Sigurd in an emergency.


The airplane is ready.

She decided to resign from her job.

Irving isn't even interested in baseball.

Are you a cop?

It's strange that Charlene didn't mention that.


I'm practically already grown up.


Please come over with your wife.

She phoned him as soon as she got home.

His broken arm was the result of a slip on the ice.


When he came, we were having dinner.

Would you mind clearing up a few points for me?

Why can't you be more like your brother?

There is enough room for us to play.

Who is Mr. Bush?

Rising costs are fueling anxieties among consumers.

I had my brother correct the errors in my composition.

Dad extended his legs on the sofa.

You should not mope all day in your rooms, but should come out into the green garden, and hear the birds sing with joy among the trees, and see the butterflies fluttering above the flowers, and hear the bees and insects hum, and watch the sunbeams chase the dew-drops through the rose-leaves and in the lily-cups.


A lot of kids wear them.

This computer is powerful, efficient, and easy to use.

I like this dog.

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I took my umbrella for fear of rain.

It will be three months before our new school building is completed.

Do you want to play something?


Are you two busy?


Does Ethan need to stay home today?

Jim quickly opened the door.

I bought this from Stu.

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You will not remember. I will never forget.


Do you really think it's necessary?

Don't you dare to cut the hair of this little girl!

We're with the FBI.

Hamilton walked down the street.

I saw you guys talking to Stanley.

We couldn't go out because of the heavy rain.

Venkata doesn't want to sleep.

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I just learned to play poker.

I bought Jurevis a remote controlled fire truck and he seems very happy with it.

The plane evened out.


You ate nothing.

Hold the rope.

The changing seasons in Japan do much to Japan's agriculture.

I usually get what I want.

Rajarshi never liked Luis very much.

These are clothes that Duncan made by herself.

If I understand correctly, I've been taken for a ride.

It's the least we can do.

Drink a tea with me!

I've always tried to do the right thing.

"I'm really thankful to you." "Once again?"

Are we going to have to sleep here?

It won't come up.

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Go do as you like.


I don't think we did anything wrong.


I haven't been completely honest with you.


Given a high level of bond issues, the cost to service them will increase.

We've been patient.

She sent me a text message.

We're finished, aren't we?

Has anybody spoken with her?

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Do you speak Maori?

This group will run.

I gave Page the morning off.

What happens to babies who are born at sea?

I couldn't get my car started.

Louie didn't pay attention to what Roland said.

I love her anyway.

You can't win this.

We are free from a cold wind today.