You're shy.

The employees of Air France were on strike last summer.

I'm sorry I couldn't do the job.

His position enabled him to do so.

People need to stop hating.

She doesn't have any enemies at all.

This bill is safe to pass.

She has no control over her class.

Spare me the sympathy.

The car's antenna is built into the windshield.


I'm the one you want.

It was delicious.

Glenn wants to see us right away.

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It's cold.

What's with everybody?

Nate isn't as intelligent as you think.

I wonder why we haven't run into each other before.

Not only does he speak English, but also German.

It might sound like I'm complaining, but I'm not.

I had a raincoat on so I didn't get so wet.

Peter neglected his cough and got bronchitis.

This is Lucia's pen.

Where is the German embassy?

This one is the worst.

When Miriam says you can go, you can go.

It's rumored that he has a lot of money stashed away in a Swiss bank account.

That's a class act.

Don't break a mirror.

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What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.

The construction crews worked around the clock.

Harvey probably didn't even know about it.

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The stars are beautiful.

Were you drunk last night?

No matter who you are or where you are from, one thing is certain.

I have little time to read.

Why are you so mysterious?


The raw materials must be shipped in from abroad.

They say that an eggplant has lots of nicotine.

Don't be fooled by his looks.


Is there something you want to buy?

I'm not like Nicolo!

The bookshelf is built in.

I'm just about finished with my homework.

In the German Alps it is believed that the cattle have the gift of language on Christmas Eve. But it is a sin to attempt to play the eavesdropper upon them.

Marshall, you're way ahead of me.

We know Harv did it.

I feel that I am free.

Giles is pretty dependable, isn't he?

You, too, can achieve success if you try.

Let's hope we never have to do that.


Yumi keeps getting better at Korean.

Four ideas were proposed.

The thunder frightened the students.

They assemble typewriters.

Ed saw the news.

Mikey will probably never forget this.

Many young people in Spain are unemployed.


We took care of our children by turns.

I'm not going to drag their suitcases around.

Nobody had Internet in my country.

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I caught them in the act.


Why are you wearing a pink T-shirt, Murray?


Even angels can't satisfy everyone.


It wouldn't surprise me if Benjamin didn't show up.

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I want you to do what you have to do.

He apologized for his rudeness, but she wouldn't forgive him.

Narendra and Mah were both sitting cross-legged on the floor.

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Many children learn to use a computer even before entering school.

He burned himself badly.

I know the name.

I just realized it's much more work that I have thought.

Show them the picture.

Shane held Maureen close.

That book is new.

Did you buy some potatoes?

Will computers one day become smarter than humans?


We're drawing.

The dog will bark.

Could you dial up the operator for me?

What is he thinking, this idiot!

Her kind action strongly impressed me.

To do as you suggest is out of the question.

Can I invite some friends over?

I always study hard.

I don't want to talk anymore.

How long did you stay in Germany?

I haven't visited the headquarters of Twitter.


I don't have time to do all the things that need to be done.

It's been quite a while.

Most of the credit for our success goes to you.

Don't send that letter.

This is immoral.


From space, the world looks very small.

Won't anyone sit with you?

I can't breathe through my nose.


It still happens that people confuse transgender people and transvestites.

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Didn't Sundar give you the dictionary?


The king subjected all the tribes to his rule.

We can't afford to make an enemy of Lyndon.

I pretended to have an affair on purpose because I was angry with you and Carlo but in truth I only loved Sofia.


They were going to shoot you.


His car soon went out of sight.


She drives a BMW.


You can see a lot of Native Americans in Alaska.


She bought a shirt for him.

It's a novel-based film.

Danny would've tried to stop you.

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The Intel people are lucky to have you!


I'd like to talk about it now.

Many people study biology in school.

Stop jumping on the bed!

The scholar spent what little money he had on books.

Is Ann guilty?


They aren't rich.

He was soon accepted into the family.

There isn't anyone who knows everything from the outset.

Is that what you said?

Apparently we're just two peas in a pod.

A good mastery of these idiomatic expressions and skillful use of them in writing essays.

Were you all talking about me?

We won't do it.

Dewey passed the examination.

You're an engineer.

He is now on the way to recovery.

I'm really sleepy.

I loved you more than anybody else ever did.

There are a lot of beautiful buildings in this town.

We talked about Mahesh and Sundar's relationship.


I got a good look.

He is badly situated financially.

She is very healthy.

I received a book in Dutch.

I thought you said someone was going to meet us.


Jiri performs in a jazz club three nights a week.

You should be having fun.

You're not asking me to give up, are you?

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Of course, Lindsey is wrong.

I get up at seven every morning.

Where were you the night the factory burned down?

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The breaking waves formed foam.

Cole couldn't get the door unlocked.

What are you pointing at?

The ministry administers the internal affairs.

In Paris, I stayed at an inexpensive hotel.

I should really get some sleep.

He has gone to the United States.

"How old are you?" - "Forty ten."

He will chalk up more than ten points.


After watching that film he was filled with a sense of foreboding.

There is only one thing to do.

Do me a favor and talk to Raanan.

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We were very disappointed to hear the news.

Please kill the lights.

I always get what I'm after.

You can't help her anymore.

The wine was very expensive, but even so he wanted to buy it.

It was disappointing that nobody ate the expensive sushi I had served.

I'm used to having my own way.

It's not good that man should be alone.

Could you describe to the jury what happened?

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I gave my half to him.

I'd like him to meet her.

I had a pretty happy childhood.


That should be kept between us.