I think Omar said that.

You must come back before it gets dark.

This doesn't change anything.

The tea is boiling hot.

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Allan, could you lend me ten dollars?

It's a popular fishing spot.

Why didn't you come to school yesterday?

The tiger licked him.

Gabriel is nowhere to be found.

He owes me a relatively large sum.

I was the one who dug this hole.

We still have to tell Triantaphyllos.

They were from Australia.


This will not please Daddy.

I want Andries.

Are you in favor of or against that policy?

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We want to know about them.

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Would we be something beyond our emotions?

Both men drew maps and pictures of what they saw.

After twisting your body, squat down.


That really sounds quite awesome.

We ate some petit fours in Paris.

They are always short of money.

Eat all you can and drink all you can now because there won't be any food for the next 3 days!

Celia wrote essays on it.

I get mad at his arrogance.

I'll lend you one if you like.

Loren is stalking me.

Gail is smarter than most of you.

I heard somebody cry out.

The smoke ascended into the air.

Buckle your seatbelts.

I have to go away for a while.

Stacey died a couple of years ago.

You can't keep Todd locked in his room.

Suresh wondered what Sanity's husband was like.

I don't believe just anyone.

All of the words in this dictionary are important.

You're not allowed in this room.

If it had not been for her advice, he would have failed.

We Chinese are hard workers.


Father told us a very interesting story.

You can't go naked in this hotel.

The man is wanted for murder.

You deserve a medal.

Mat has never been to Boston before.


The next morning, he was gone.

After battling cancer for several years, he finally passed away at the age of 87.

Joey considers Shane as equal as Joe.


I owe him $100.


Don't give up now.


There was nothing for it but to wait till he came back.


I'll have to try it again.


I'm meeting her this evening.

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God created man to enjoy, not destroy, the fruits of the earth and of their own toil.

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The road was quite muddy, and, what is worse, it began to rain.

Can I give you some unsolicited advice?

It happened at a quarter past eleven.

Don't worry about it. Everything's going to be fine.

She offered Nicolo a gift.

Do you deliver on Sundays?

Their house is near here.

I assumed I'd go alone.

You have blood on your hands.

That cost a lot more than I expected.

Don't pick at your food.

Did Curt say anything to you at all?

I feel like I've known Kazuhiro forever.

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I took his name and address.

Tracy doesn't have to do anything.

Where did you massage them?

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You probably know about what Ro did.

He could not so much as sign his own name.

We seek happiness.

The fence is painted green.

Millie isn't drinking water.

Why don't you stay a while?

I don't like Roger in there.

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She makes her own clothes.


What did Roxane talk to you about?


Want of wit is worse than want of gear.

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I don't like it when the boundaries between work and free-time get blurred.


Jaime is a 2013 graduate of Harvard.

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There's no good reason not to go.

Tor is a lot smarter than Jared, I think.

You don't need to go to school today.

On no account should you let out the secret.

I've got better things to do with my free time.

Neal says he's going to try to help you find Those.

I rarely, if ever, talk on the phone till late at night.


Dan was killed by an unknown intruder.

I shave my beard every morning.

Malloy is completely incompetent.

Joanne bought a sewing machine for Marian.

I just want to hear you talk about it.

I knew this was a mistake.

I know Kerri is your friend.

We're half right.

You'll go with me. Full stop!

I'm getting dizzy.

He became a member of this club five years ago.

I can't count the number of times this has happened to me.

Have you ever done shopping in a foreign country?

Pim thinks Sridharan is very cute.

Guillermo left some money on the table for you.

Elsa usually keeps his promises.

The cleaning lady interrupted the conversation.

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Her days are numbered.

The most important thing is not to give up.

As for the students of today, I don't know what they are thinking about.

Are you sure Al is coming?

We should have a celebration, Marsha.

I was happy here until you broke my heart.

The young man decided to propose to her.

We provided the flood victims with food and clothing.

Progress is being made.

The trumpets sounded the retreat.

As the saying goes: Speech is silver, silence is gold.

An understanding of people is the greatest weapon you can possess.

That's not the kind of thing Rajendra would do.


Matthieu tried to sing the song Panzer requested.

They insulted him and his wife.

She tried to steal her twin sister's identity.

Those who know do not talk. Those who talk do not know.

We hardly ever agree on anything.


The way things are going, an armed conflict may well be unavoidable.

I just said the same thing.

You should cut Valentin some slack.

Dawn has money problems.

How long will you stay here?

Could you please kiss a little bit more slowly?

Sanand always has trouble sleeping the night before a big exam.

There wasn't a single survivor.

She has an elegant manner.


You beat him.

I was having a very good time, when the sad news came.

The garage is dusty.


The other night I was extremely on time!

The math teacher explained the concept of partial differentiation.

Dreams do come true.

Now, one and a half billion more human beings can live on the earth's surface, supporting themselves by working for others.

That's a really stupid idea.


I never knew you cared about me.

They went to church.

My father is proud of the fact that he's never been in a traffic accident.

In the desert, camels are more important than cars for transportation.

Dan can't tell you anything.


I have had my driver's license since I was 18 years old.

Please feel free to help yourself to anything in the fridge.

She is getting old.

I have to write an SMS.

The phenomenon is typical of our modern era.

I think it's time for me to retire.

This store sells vegetables.


Amy knew precisely how Matthew felt.

You have only a short rest, so make the best of it.

Steen's smile vanished instantly.

France should be full.

My folks used to tell me stories about that.

I'm concerned about your future.

I had my brother put this room in order.


In Japan we have a lot of rain in June.

He let her kiss him.

We can't wait for Dieter.


Someone wants to join?

There's been a lawyer in the family for generations.

I didn't know it existed.