Wayne walked as fast as he could to catch up with Lin.


Ginny closed the closet door and locked it.

The road was jammed with various kinds of cars.

It all changed.


I'm still angry because of her.

Is that significant?

Anita succeeded.


The museum is around the corner.

I have climbed Mt. Fuji before.

The priest is an atheist.

Herve deserves to be punished.

Wayne made no attempt to hide the fact that he was in love with Izumi.


Many ports are in the east.

I'll deal with Tollefsen.

I often read the Bible at night just before I go to sleep.

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The doctor emphasized that the patient had only a few days.

Has anyone seen Pablo?

After a while, the children settled down.


I ordered fries, too.

She promised to meet him last night, but she never showed up.

Why is that so hard to believe?

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Please try again later.

Heh heh, not enough.

Cut off that curl!

Mr. White is doing very well so far.

I had to get something out of the car.


I really don't know what you're talking about.


Bring along something to read.

Manuel asked Anderson to take him to the hospital.

Pinocchio understood the answer and, unable to restrain his tears, he jumped on his father's neck and kissed him over and over.

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You can't reason with a drunk.


Mr. Jackson is our principal.

The conversation is drying up.

That made the problem all the more complicated.

I'll ride with you.

Tandy was stuck in a traffic jam for what seemed like hours.

Do you have a bigger frying pan?

Something really weird is happening here.

John is obsessed about getting into a top tier university.

Mother is in the kitchen wearing an apron.


He hang up his hat to a nail

You'll be in time for the train if you start at once.

Naomi found me a good seat.

That's your favorite, right?

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.

I feel like I'm a teenager again.

He is an excellent fixer, and has always been regarded as such.


Noemi is a resident of Boston.


A society's values are reflected in its traditions.


I don't know any more about him. I know him, but only to say hello to.


I'm willing to go anywhere you go.

She is absent because of sickness.

I'm not feeling so good.

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I had an artificial insemination with sperm from my husband.

Promises should be kept.

I found out that Krzysztof was here yesterday afternoon.

I remember the warmth of his arms.

Is the new job going well for your younger brother?


This cake tastes delicious.

I don't like people like Ram.

Now we really are relatives.


Do you have some time?

Time went quickly.

Well, what did you expect us to do?


Not knowing what to say, I kept silent.

Did you feel the earth shake last night?

It seems to me that Mr Jones is good golfer.

Just tell her what you need.

Tait isn't going to do anything about it.

I'll be working next weekend as well.

I fell down the stairs and hit my head.

Who gets to tell her?

He took the eggs out one by one.

Galen only buys sweatshop-free clothing.

That lawyer is going to pick you apart in open court tomorrow.

I want to do what's right.

Who is going to play the part in your play?

It will only take a minute of your time

Pterosaurs were not actually dinosaurs.

Yeast is used in making beer.

During the First World War "Anne of Green Gables" was distributed by the Polish government to troops in the trenches to remind them of what they were fighting for.

I had to face this alone.

The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.


Would you like to sit down?

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People with amputated limbs continue to feel them as if they were still there.

You definitely need some time off.

He regretted having quit his job.

You should know better than that.

Is health care free in Germany?

Miriam was fair.

It's easy to say, but not to do.

The mother wanted to name her twins Benson and Hedges.

May I go over to Russell's house to play?

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We were together for about three months.

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I'm not going to let you go to Miki's party.


He's always the scapegoat.

With all due respect, Mr. President, you are an asshole!

Where did this money come from?

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List suggested another plan to the committee.

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Rik won't speak to us.

I understand you had a fight with Mwa yesterday.

This is the second time that I have met him.

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I told him I didn't want to go.

I'm your past.

I don't know whether Stan will swim or not.

Am I to fail of your fate?

It is clear what must be done.


The planets follow elliptical orbits.

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It's not my fault!

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We have to find the right person for each position.

You're both right.

She benefited from the sound investment.

You must act according to your principles.

I thought the food was too greasy.

His new book added to his reputation.

Jackson said he was not worried about Texas.

Oil and water don't blend.

It takes you an hour to go to the station on foot.

We were shocked by the intensity of our mother's anger.

I followed Juha's example.

I think that my girlfriend leaves tomorrow for Scotland.

Geometry is based on points, lines and planes.


I've been sober for three years.


Show me what you're made of!

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How many SIM cards do you have?

Be brief, please.

Stephen is going to be famous someday.

Her husband emerged from his study.

Please keep me updated.


Kyle wondered if it was true.

Clyde submitted his resignation.

You don't seem too happy.


Cory is married to a famous actress.


I don't know how many years ago it was, but it was certainly more than three.

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You should always spend time doing things that help your children get ahead in life.


I'll have none of that.

I have to stay home and take care of Kimmo.

Howard said he was utterly exhausted.

My father took us to the zoo.

You like baseball?

Thank you for today.

You can't buy it anywhere but there.

She's still a child after all.

Don't even think of asking me what I think about you right now.


B. Franklin was an American statesman and inventor.

I can't wait to get home.

Tell me the right answer to it.

Pantelis dreams of the toilet when he has to go to the bathroom.

I want to chill the wine more.

There are many beautiful parks in London.

An olive branch symbolises peace.

I don't like the heat.

I don't understand Dutch, because it's difficult.

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Nothing's happening right now.

On my own responsibility, I will go on with this plan.

I've seen a lot of him recently.

As a result of the war, a great number of victims remained.

I'll pay double.