If I had taken that plane, I would be dead now.

Now I understand it all.

The coming winter would be one they would not soon forget.

I think people should stop using plastic bags from supermarkets.

My income falls short of my expenditure by five hundred pounds.

I don't want to walk home.

We should obey the traffic rules.

Alf is mowing his lawn.

I'm in really good shape.

I didn't feel like studying because the noise outside was getting on my nerves.

Because our kids got married, we are now in-laws.

Tell your sister to follow those rules. I'm not your servant.

Let's go outside and play in the snow.

Are you determined to get a tattoo?

All hell is breaking loose!

Your name has been crossed off the list.


I water the flowers in the garden every day.


How about going to see a movie tonight?


Toft goes to Boston at least once a month.

His plan seems very good from my point of view.

I can't solve this problem. It's too difficult for me.

I didn't wake up yesterday

Cloning is a controversial method of reproducing organisms.

She's always hungry.

The cart was in the shed.


Everybody knew Indra could speak French well.

Cows provide us with good milk.

I don't think you're lying.


I don't see any bullet holes.


What's your favorite song lyric?

There is a dense growth of vines in this forest.

I was born in 1980.

We know you're interested.

Statistics show that the population of the world is increasing.

We're just not used to it yet.

Eveyone had left, and he stayed there.

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Klaudia ran back into the woods.


Tell him everything I told you.

Can you watch them?

Roland bit off her nails.

Ozan's children can't speak French.

We are trying to close the box.

Marek is studying to be a minister.

Spike grabbed a weapon.

Maureen goes along with whatever Kate says.

He and his wife both work and his salary is lower than hers, so no wonder he is a hen-pecked husband.

With a microwave oven like this, it's always New Year's Eve!

Michel's had a string of failed relationships.

I greatly admire her for her bravery.

The embassy denied political asylum to foreign refugees.

I don't want anyone to touch this.

You've got to do something.

I'm starting to fall in love with you.

The space program suffered a devastating loss in January of 1986 when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after launch in the skies over Cape Canaveral.

How did you get that?

My name is James, but please call me Jim.


He can move quietly and quickly.


This report confirms his betrayal.


Craig seemed disappointed with the results.


I like classical music very much.

Joni unlocked the car and got in.

Raj explained the rules of the game to Root.

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I know all about your little scheme.


Owen had a gun.

What do you think, how long has Josip been preparing for the exam?

Let's get prepared for the lunch.


Tell me when you first saw the island.

Hold my hand.

Stefan doesn't want the truth to come out.

They planted bombs outside our homes.

My hobby is making phrases.


Jordan didn't recognize the number.

The train was full of passengers.

I forgot that Cristina read English.

My last name is Jones.

I was starting to get worried.

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The radio is on the table.

I know the test was difficult.

My late friend's daughter said, "I will pray for my father's soul."


Martha didn't see anyone he recognized.

I'll give you a painkilling injection.

I should get back to the hotel now.

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Liz has three grandchildren.


My hands are dirty.

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Tomas is young enough to be your daughter.

Dirk snuck up behind Martyn.

Moe stuck his nose where it didn't belong.


I believe he is a nice guy.

Giovanni asked Hubert what she really wanted to do.

You still owe us money.

Let's not talk about work.

They are wrestlers.

He led a life of vice.

Eric got everything he wanted for Christmas.


I have a pair of shoes.

Just ask him to give it back.

I told Dimitry that I will help him.

"What would your mother think?" "She's never going to find out."

We pay him well.

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Both Matt and Rita are my co-workers.

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You'd better examine the contract carefully before signing.

Elaine remained cool.

The sisters dueled with each other verbally.

Everybody says that.

Did you go upstairs?

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My name is "The Strange One".

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I made coffee.

Giles sat at his desk doing paperwork.

Do you think it's possible to pass all the exams?

In this attic there are all sorts of books, waiting to be read.

Please write with a pencil.

It would be nice if you could come.

Kolkka is not much older than Honzo's daughter.

It was a pleasure to meet you Stella, I am so sorry for whatever I said to irk you the wrong way.

The students went to the baseball game along with their teacher.


What was Mario singing?

The European Parliament is acting hypocritically.

The cancer needed to be removed immediately.


All cats dream of mice.

The theater used to open up about this time.

Today I didn't go to school, neither did you.

Luckily, Gigi made some sound investments.

He's the one who's lagging behind.

On my 25th birthday my sister arranged a surprise party. We went to see some male strippers and had a lot of fun.

Thank you for all you've done.

What do you think you'd like to do next time?

She doesn't want anyone to know.


Can you please tell Tovah I'm right?

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Eliot handed Jon his card.

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Ram seems to have changed his mind about staying.

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Why is my code not working?

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Come whenever you'd like.

Morgan sat in the chair next to Bud.

I was going to buy a new table, but my husband fixed the broken leg.


I want you to be my boyfriend.

Fear the revenge of the gherkin!

Jack doesn't drive fast.

I think you should meet Pedro.

I can hardly work now.


Ha-ha ... She isn't human. She's a robot; A-n-d-r-o-i-d.


Did you see Ti's face?

What was his reaction to this news?

Leaves were dropping silently to the ground.

Clyde has a good chance of getting elected.

We've never had any trouble with it so far.

You have been thinking about this problem the whole morning. Take a break; go eat lunch.

Let's plan a trip to Australia.

Please give an example of usage.

My grandfather is very hard to please.

This river sometimes overflows after the thaw.

Barrett hasn't called Ellen lately.

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I can't go back in there.


We wandered from the course.

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We have enough food.

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All shall die.

Do you want it in banknotes or in small change?

Why should Bob quit?

We'll consult them.

Shari was taken by surprise.