It'll be difficult to do that.

It will do you good to live in the country.

Penny has been running around the office like a chicken with its head cut off.

I'm not afraid of you.

Are you positive that it was Sharan?

I congratulate you on your passing the state examination.

If he eats a big lunch, he usually gets sleepy mid-afternoon.

Do your parents know that you're here?

Nils is miserable.

Dan needed money and sought financial relief from his father.

Do your very best.

He taught them how to sail ships.

Urs is dying in the hospital.

I'll do what I have to do.

Your response is wholly insufficient.

He was painted like a clown.


Let me show you.


It's necessary for all members to follow these rules.


Mr. Berg is helping you.

Miriamne is too nosy.

Your sweater's on backwards.

Why are you being weird?

We've looked everywhere, haven't we?

Jwahar put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

I went too far.


He did not realize where it had come from.

I think he can get along with his neighbor.

Will said he wasn't surprised.

Susan shined your father's shoes.

Just be careful of the stairs.


John loved Kyle, but she didn't love him back.

How did she know my name?

We're working on that now.

I want a few empty glasses.

I have no plans to buy one.


Do you see the queen?


Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.

I meant to have written to you.

It's all about intelligent allocation of resources.

We waited there all night.

I thought that's why Pratapwant was here.


How can I make it easier for you?

Please don't go away.

I must ask you a few questions and take a blood sample.

They were sorrowfully silent.

Each individual is different.

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The actor was accidentally shot dead during the making of the movie.

I beg you to forgive me.

Butler has long dark hair and dark eyes.

You look beautiful in that dress.

Nothing can stop me.

A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Can I wait for her here?

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His record is a new world record in the 100-meter dash.

Let's see what we're dealing with.

Water is the essence of life.

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He was looked down on as a liar.

Ofer's troublemaking days are over.

I had a nap for about an hour.

She had the kindness to inform us.

Ric said that he couldn't breathe.


The number of pupils in this room is 25.


Does Himawan know my name?


A lot of houses were on fire.

Few of my friends have two cars.

I'm not forgetting that.

I was so happy to get your call.

Kosh is a Vorlon ambassador in the Babylon 5 space station.

Saify performed and the crowd applauded.

Gravity acts on everything in the universe.


There have always been fashionable faces and expressions which marked an epoch.

See what you can find out about Major.

He is a poet and novelist.


They just taught me to swear.

Patricio wondered what Tandy meant.

In Spain both toplessness and nudism are legal.


Morgan and Emil have been here since 2003.


There's hardly any water in the bucket.

I don't want to pressure you.

I have dreadful news.

I've decided to trust you.

You saw the dog that belonged to the man I was flirting with.


You have three cats.

She went nearly mad with grief after the child died.

He found it impossible to go there on foot.

You must read between the lines.

Erwin told us an interesting story.


Come and visit me when you are feeling better.


Is this book worth reading?

Esperanto, an official language of the European Union, now!

Have you grown to despise me?


Matthias thinks that personality is more important than looks.

I've heard that plants are better adapted to space travel than people are.

Emily could barely hide his reaction.

New York is on the Hudson River.

What's your favorite restaurant?

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They needed money to pay for the supplies.

The aircraft cabin holds two hundred and fifty people.

We're planning to tear down our house.

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I didn't have time to write the report.

Ships and helicopters left for the spacemen's rescue.

Ahmet is alive!

The country isn't rich in natural resources.

Son wants Jackye to suffer for what she did to him.

Are we ready for it?

Do you know your blood type?


How do you feel about your decision?


We work well together.

I asked for help.

It all ended as suddenly as it started.

For the time being, my sister is an assistant in a supermarket.

Why can't you ask her for forgiveness?

You said I should do that.

I'm wondering whether to take on that job.


I knew you wouldn't forget me.

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I found her very amusing.

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In a sense, it is true.

Saul brings his children with him to work once or twice a year.

Such a behavior gives rise to problem.


Who is Emily?


That would be very funny.

Are you all hot?

He doesn't work here now, but he used to work here.


Norma doesn't smile.

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It looks like there are now over two thousand Uyghur sentences on Tatoeba!


We know that you are not stupid.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Unity makes strength.


Are we going far?

Susan wasn't able to talk Malloy into baking a cake for John's birthday party.

Malaclypse told me you didn't like me.

He praised the pupil for his honesty.

Carisa drowned in the ocean.

Frankly speaking, you are in the wrong.

We want the same thing you want.


I exchanged yen for dollars.

I know what you said.

Her eyes sparkled like diamonds.

We make a great team.

I don't know if it is good.


What more can I do?

Jill didn't have to do that.

Rodger had sex with a lot of different women.

I saw my old classmate last week. She's as boring as ever.

You told Valentin that he was fat, didn't you?

I still haven't paid Russ.

The child talked with his eyes shining.

Let's talk about this tomorrow.

Why are you sleeping in a place like this?

I'm glad you weren't injured.

Wade isn't convinced.

Why do you want the world to know about Japanese gardens?

Let's abolish soccer!

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Why don't you invite some friends over?

Perseverance conquers the worst obstacles.

The only carrot in the kitchen became the nose of the snowman we've built.

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Do you speak Italian?

If you want to, let's all go together.

That is what this is about.


I don't like teachers who dislike students that ask questions.