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Me? I'm a plain old salaryman.

Trade leads to national progress.

The merchant bribed the politician.


Cristi has been fighting with Joel.

Marshall put the car in gear and drove away.

Charles seems to prefer spending most of his time alone.

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For what reason are we living?


The true gifts of Christmas are love and peace. You cannot buy them in a store.

Is there anyone in this room?

We have known each other for years.

What time are they starting?

How could we improve it?

Where should these documents be submitted?

Reinhard kissed Wes romantically.

Tobias is quite courteous.

Such thing can't be true.


His answer is reasonable.

Farmers today use technology not available to their forebears, to maximise yields from their crops and livestock.

They're trying to control you.

Would you explain why?

My parents sent me to fat camp when I was thirteen.

You must not look down upon parents' advice.

Maybe I'll stay.

I didn't really miss Manavendra.

Let's not lose any more time than we already have.


I'm not doing anything wrong.

Will you do it for me?

It was a perfect morning.

Heat is a form of energy.

I knew him a long time.

Jason doesn't have any friends who like to go camping.

As a politician, he makes utmost use of his acting ability.


Skef turned himself in to the FBI.

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Hubert wasn't flirting.

This picture frame can make the picture rise in value.

For the time being I want to work at that bookstore.

The people cried for help.

He bought eggs and milk from a farmer.

I told her not to come here.

I have been living here for years.

I will decide that later.

Does anybody have a better idea?

I'm surprised that you won the prize.

Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit.


Geoff always knows how to get things done.

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I'd like to stand up.

He told me not to tell lies.

Plans are under way to build a new city hospital.

Did you talk to them about this?

May I ask you just three more questions?

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If I had money, I would buy tickets for the concert.

Because my nephew was still young, he was forgiven.

So where do I go?

Can you hear anything?

This room is full of sun.

No parking.

Steven Spielberg is a film director.

I'm not your teacher.

The movie was cast mostly with Americans.

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That red dress becomes her.

Franklin was very influential.

Students are longing for the vacation.

Women hate me.

It is not decent to laugh at another's troubles.

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In fact, he too loved her.

Every author suffers from writer's block from time to time.

Sunil has threatened to kill me.

How was Hawaii?

What's that got to do with him?

Looks can be deceiving.

Sonja is concerned about his safety.

They have laughed at me.

That would be helpful.

I know a place we can get something to eat.

I'll wait for you in here.

How do I get to Park Street?

What is the difference between "skill" and "ability" in English?


We stood looking at the beautiful scenery.

This is the book I was telling you about last night.

Give me a precise answer.

Tell her that I am thirsty.

Dreaming with honey is very different than dreaming with bees.


Can I see your passport, please?

I'm reading a book about languages.

It will be a long time before he has fully recovered.

She gets herself worked up over every little thing.

I thought that might happen.

Richard told me to pay the bill.

He's lazy. He doesn't do anything; he only knows how to give orders.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

I thought Frederick would use Suu's office.


I think you know that's not true.

Are you not able to speak English?

Who made the decision?


Let's not tell anybody what we did.


The present will not always be the future.

It's your turn to drive.

I always drink a cup of coffee every morning.


To really succeed, you must enjoy eating poison.


The result of his action still remains to be seen.

A fortune teller once told Christopher Columbus that he would become a famous man. Columbus, in turn, got angry and demanded his money back - claiming that even a child could state something so obvious.

It's been a nice trip.

That would be a big help.

I've never associated you with this place.

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Tanaka is used to sitting.


Have you got any other fun facts for us?


Do you know how to drive a car?

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We were talking about this.


Rayan coughed up some blood.


We talked about lots of things.

You must study grammar more.

I have what you want.

Jussi took a picture of his own camera.

We have an agreement.

Matthias wanted this.

I'm not in the mood for jokes.

The activists deny the accusations.

Neil completely lost his head.


A discreet homage to the accident victims was carried out yesterday.

I asked Marc about his new book.

Do you all feel that way?


No said he couldn't wait much longer.


Holy shit!

Why don't we collaborate more?

This is a fact.

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He finished his dinner because he didn't like to waste food.

Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

That's Bud's decision.

Until we meet again, Bob and Nora.

What do you feel like talking about?


More than one student studies French in our class.

They all answered "Yes" to a man.

Why are we laughing?

The results are negative.

I help Taninna almost every day.


Emmett doesn't know anything about Julianto, other than her name.

I hope everyone will be here tomorrow.

The word has unpleasant associations.

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach all of a sudden.

I heard it on the news today.

Ned eats the same food day in and day out.

She signed up for a Spanish course.

I found it easy when I gave it a try.

The slogan "Arbeit macht frei" at the gates of the Nazi concentration camps was entirely cynical. The prisoners who believed the deceitful promise that work would set them free had no real chance of freedom, regardless of how much they laboured. Many of them were worked to death; many more were deliberately exterminated.

So what happens to the protagonist at the end?

Bucky watched approvingly.

I'll sleep on the couch. You can have my bed.

Syun and Jayesh spent the night together at the hotel.

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I've forgotten Lori completely.

Natraj doesn't want to speak to you.

This is strictly forbidden.

In the past, Fletcher Fuel was approached by Japanese companies.

You should put your coat on.

It is cheap to take the subway in Beijing.

Griff opened the gate for Louis.

I have made up my mind now.

They speak English a lot, especially the educated people.

I'm very proud of this team.

Don't be upset when they are gone.


Horses can sense fear.

We play a sport.

Our school adopted his teaching methods.

Is Lievaart right?

The sun went down, so they quit working.


There was a watermill under the dam.