A good lawyer would leave no stone unturned in his efforts to defend his client.

Jill is the only girl in our club.

Will she be able to leave the hospital next week?

I'll phone you when I arrive.


In spring, there are various blooming flowers.

It's really cold today. You should dress warmer or you might catch a cold.

He was rather a member of a social elite than the masses.

Why is Pratt picking on me?

The nuances of a language may seem arbitrary to someone learning the language, but to a native speaker, they make perfect sense.

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Are you in love with Andries?

I pretended not to hear.

My watch isn't working well.

Ira didn't have to wait very long.

The unclaimed items were sold off at auction.


A crowd waited to see him.

Jin concealed evidence.

Someone is playing the piano.

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We're going to make this work.

You probably don't like her.

Calvin saw a person with a scary looking face today.


The English language surrounds us like a sea.

Sanity is not crying.

Rusty was waiting to see what would happen.

I feel bad for Sharon.

Bryce is at school right now.

It's written abazure (bitch). Surely this must mean a slut?

Mann wanted Coleen dead because she had murdered his kids.

I can't remember all their names.

You know my younger daughter is about the same age as your son. It's why I decided that they will be engaged.

Your sister can not speak English.

I'm so happy that you're here.

By the time you wish to be a good son, your parents are long gone.

Let me make something perfectly clear.


He is a quiet man.


Give me a spoon.


I pointed this out to him.

What does Diana want to do tomorrow?

I asked Chip where he had bought his car.

They were silent for a moment.

Sarah is a little confused.


What would Jeffie and Rob do?


There used to be big trees around the pond.

Blood is thicker than water.

I think I'll go to bed early tonight.

I would like to become a famous soccer player.

Peace be with you.

What exactly is our plan?

When will Earth meet its end?

I think you've been trying to make me angry.

I am afraid he will fail.

I heard shots being fired.

Vishal masterminded a diabolic plot to kill his wife.

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The Earth's atmosphere contains water vapor which helps to moderate our daily temperatures.

Maybe this is what God intended.

School has closed for the Christmas holidays.

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There was a sprinkling of foreigners among the visitors in the museum.

The big investor bought up the stocks.

I can't wait for them.


I want to ride a motorcycle.

There is a suspension bridge ahead of us.

Terry likes hiking in the woods.

Tell me when I should be there.

You remember what it was like, don't you?

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I'll let you off this time, but I don't ever want to catch you stealing again.


This is my cell number.


She was overwhelmed by the sad news.

Don't rush into marriage.

He won the prize last week.

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She was in the shower.

I want you to bring them.

He was zealous in satisfying his employer.


I'm not as wild as I used to be.

Jef died at a very old age.

Laurianne knows what's happening.

I'm absolutely certain that you will not be declined.

A glock coozdre has steckly boodled a boker and is curding a bokerlet.

To rub salt in someone's wounds.

We'll call you later.

It's not his idea, it's mine.

She took advantage of every opportunity.


Did anyone miss me?

It is a love song.

We'd like you to sing a song.


It was right where Kylo said it would be.

We have hard jobs.

A magnet can pick up and hold many nails at a time.


Dan sincerely believed that Linda was pregnant.


Johann said he takes a walk every day.


It's on its way.

I went there to talk to him.

I'll arrive in Boston at about 2:30.


Pitawas died in Rome.


There's ice cream in the freezer.

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What time are you meeting Naoto?


It is not known when he came up to London.

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Yesterday I listened to a very beautiful song.


I prefer being poor to being rich.

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I don't agree with you at all.

Kurt could barely hear what Mick was trying to say.

I am much too busy to see him.

Isidore thought that Jay would be here today.

You have a watch.

Needless to say, he could not get the prize.

How much of our body is water?

There's a foul smell in the kitchen.

His speech had an effect on our emotions.


Who do you think is the smartest kid in your class?

I come from a planet called Earth.

Ask me anything.

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I moved a chess piece on the board one forward.

Stop talking to Troy and do your homework.

Turn to the right, and you'll find my office.


The programmer is fixing a technical problem with the computer server.


His cousin lives in America.


Anton is the only boy that doesn't like soccer.

God is a metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that.

This is how I mastered English.

I bought two cotton shirts.

Make sure Pim gets home safely.

The dog needs to be fed.

You won't believe what happened.

Older carpets are more valuable than newer carpets.

Hey, has this been sitting out on the dinner table all day? It has to go in the refrigerator or it'll go bad.

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"You're Mr. Ogawa, aren't you?" "Yes, I am. How can I help you?"

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Jianyun could tell Arthur was tired.

All of them are low.

I drink my tea without sugar.

She was immediately attracted to him.

That is why all poets, all philosophers, all thinkers, all the producers of the greatness of the mind must be translated, commented on, published, printed, reprinted, stereotyped, distributed, explained, recited, spread abroad, given to all, given cheaply, given at cost price, given for nothing.

I've been waiting in my quarters for you.

If you'll get a needle and thread, I'll sew your button on.

He is in front of the door.

There was a new candidate on the ticket at the Democratic convention.

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I made a bet that she would win the game.


Martha is a very interesting person.


I'm afraid of losing my obscurity. Genuineness only thrives in the dark. Like celery.

She will write another book one of these days.

I have not stolen it. I simply borrowed it without leave.

I'll be taking a vacation next month.

The novel is an attempt to give something back to the generations of her parents.

I am not accustomed to making speeches in public.

For both translations, I often have to use the dictionary and I notice that there are too few scientific terms.

What? You can't do it? You coward! Chicken!

The smell of food made me hungry.

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Sean giggled again.


The message you sent this morning hasn't been received yet.

She is a member of our society.

Last year I had five cars.

I'll explain it all later.

Don't hurry, be happy!

Val is in good health.

Have you found Prince Charming yet?


Rakhal has trouble buying shoes that fit.


Under the new law, husbands can take days off to care for their children.

The water was fouled by oil.

I can prove who the murderer is.