Please choose your character.

Urs doesn't do it.


He thinks nothing of poverty.


The collapse of the new concrete platform killed four workers.


We were busy.

Rob won't be back tomorrow.

I don't know if I have enough time.

It's a shame Carol couldn't make it.

I'm feeling a bit stiff.


Gregory couldn't paint.

Following the demographic data, the government was obliged to adopt a policy that would stimulate birth rate.

We were just friends.


When I was a child, I took music lessons.

If my parents punished me for something I didn't do, I would tell them the truth and try to convince them of my innocence.

Are you busy at work?

The coalition force fired at her car at the checkpoint in Bagdad.

Kenton went out of his way to help me.

Vicki likes soccer.

You're the only person that can persuade him.

Would you mind explaining that diagram to me?

I don't know what to sing.

Can I write with this pen?

A product has been launched that uses the power from the USB to keep hot drinks warm.

Seth is my only real friend.

We all want changes.


We have more important things to deal with.

The pain was almost unbearable.

Chuck just called to tell us that he's on his way.

We'll walk.

Lawrence didn't flaunt his wealth.

You seem to be thinking of something else.

He bores me.

People with no sense of humor are like meadows with no flowers.

Doesn't that sound serious?

You've seen what Moran can do.

She traveled by bus.

Set the time on the alarm.

The path to Auschwitz was paved with indifference.

It was late at night when Plastic finally got home.

I can name names.

The time will come when you'll regret it.

You'll be safe with Claude.

I as well as you was late for school yesterday.

They're tired.

Nigel knew he couldn't fire Rodent.

That's so cool.

I can translate only short sentences in German.

Do you want us to take you home?

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Food is food.

Ravindran, Gill and John are gathered around Alice.

Wes kept whistling.

Sidney is a poor student.

It isn't cheap.

Put the knives and forks back in the cupboard.

I had the feeling that something wasn't right.

I must have eaten something bad.

One who tells the truth, needs a fast horse.

It's impossible.

Sanjeev must be mad to take such a chance.

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However ill she is, she always works.

I think he's way cuter than Emil.

Vassos didn't want to give you up.

As a result of the collision, one of the passengers was thrown out.

I'm looking forward to doing business with you.

It was definitely Matthew's fault.

The clock is accurate and dependable.


I'm coming down with a cold.

You're a menace.

Bert studied French last night until midnight.

Celeste was jealous of Kate's popularity.

Things will turn out all right.

I've always had help.

Come with me.

But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. I will listen to you, especially when we disagree. And above all, I will ask you to join in the work of remaking this nation, the only way it's been done in the United States for 221 years; block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand.

Boy have I got something to tell you.

I live near the levee.

What are your plans for this weekend?

How can you be so certain?

My parents don't like my girlfriend. They think that she's not good enough for me.

We hired a bout by the hour.

It's about time someone did something about that problem.


They're fighting for liberty.

Don't tell me you're not scared.

The word processor has saved me much time.


We went to see our neighbours.


Don't forget to bring a pen.

I'm sure that would mean a lot to Moran.

Teri was the last to arrive.

She peeked inside.

Saumya demanded more information.


Tell Prakash that I want to go, too.

You'll never see us again.

He has a remarkable memory.


He dealt me a blow in the face.

I'll marry you if you change your hair color.

I'm not like I used to be.

I was disappointed by the news.

We missed Andre so much.

I come home at two thirty.

John began learning English at the age of seventy-five.


I guess that's true.


Becoming too fat is not good for one's health.


She isn't much of a poet.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

I fully agree with everything Shannon said.


I illustrated his biography with some pictures.


We had a spell of fine weather last autumn.

Did Rabin tell anyone?

Calm down and be cool.

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She can't find her hat.

Who was this machine invented by?

Laurel and I ate dinner together last night.

I want to play cards.

We have jurisdiction here.


The man is hungry.


Mom and Dad gave me a bicycle.

Responding to the question whether there was an explosion at the chemical factory, he said: "Yes, there was. But it wasn't the explosion we imagined it to be. It was an explosion of discontent."

When was the last time you hunted?

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Don't doubt the effectiveness of this medicine.

He seemed like some sort of prince from a fairy tale.

There's smell of naphtha.

Are you saying you don't want to be here with me?

Are we going for a walk?


I didn't see your car outside.


The storm remitted its fury.

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So how mad are you?

Eli left his car unlocked.

Do you really like this dress?

For God's sake, tomorrow's left behind.

He awaits his examination results so he can choose an appropriate course at University.

I would not have done that.

What was Luke talking about?

We asked our teacher: "Can we come to your wedding?"

Asterisks are used in online roleplay to indicate an action or event.

You can't always do what you want.

Ram sat on the floor.

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I haven't talked to Sergio since then.

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I looked in the direction of the window, but didn't see anything.

Linguistic competence is inborn, not acquired.

After all, he succeeded in passing the exam.

That's offensive.

This book isn't interesting at all.

Did Masanao win again?

Liyuan has a beautiful tan.


He was deaf to all arguments.

Please accept my sincere apologies for my impertinence.

You have to take this.


The world's population recently passed 7 billion.

Don't you trust her?

I can't wait to hug you again.


I don't suppose it's going to rain.

He found the door closed.

"Shall I carry your bags?" "I'm good, thank you."

The company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Tell me a joke.

I want to eat out today.

Nobody wants to drink?


Call her immediately.


I'd like to sign up for the baseball team.

Lukas is as impatient as ever.

As a tadpole grows, the tail disappears and legs begin to form.


She washed the car.

Why didn't you radio for help?

Monty suddenly burst out laughing.

Pontus and Brandy look cute together.

We don't know when this world came into being.