I'm pretty sure that they trust us.

The government pushed the bill through the Diet.

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He doesn't speak English very well.

When you have written your name, write the date.

Can you fix this?

Kiki is a charmer.

I beg you.

No one could go anywhere.

You shouldn't trust me.

Taurus can't manage on his own.

He's making himself sick by smoking cigarettes.


She laughed at me.


I was made to open my briefcase.

I just need more time with them.

I must confess I haven't read it yet.

A detective arrived upon the scene of the crime.

My grandfather founded and my parents developed this company.

Recently we have had many mild days.

Would you join me in a drink?

You need to go to the hospital.

Was it worth anything?

I think that he is from France.

I just don't want to go shopping today.

Tell him that I have perished and that my cadaver is now being used by medical students at a leading Catholic university.

That is completely irrelevant.

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The police officer removed Hume's handcuffs.


I completely forgot.

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I'm really angry right now.

Magnus tried to open the drawer, but it was stuck.

Stu wiped his face with the towel that Cristina handed him.

We didn't leave Boston until 2:30.

A submarine can travel over and under the water.

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How did you do this?

It seems strange that they feel so angry.

We all got along.

I know what you're afraid of.

Try doing it once more.

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I've hired Heinrich.

I've seen your record.

This is your handwriting, right?

That's too much information! I don't want to know.

Ronni had a little to drink.

I don't know all the details yet.

The villagers believed in a life after death.

Who's the owner of this property?

I think the actions he took were right.

I sent him an email.

Stir the paint with a stick.

Two male students sharing an umbrella? How strange.

Sandeep likes to wear brightly colored orange pants.

Which size do you wear?

Johan might want to consider buying what he needs from us.


Do you think you scare me?


The flowers give off a very pleasant perfume.

Put on my eiderdown coat. That'll be better.

What you're saying now has nothing to do with the question.

She was carrying her baby in her arms.

That's only part of the truth.

I want to correct this article.

Every new language is like a game.

I'm looking forward to your visit.

We're gullible.

I wonder why Margie hasn't shown up yet.

I am your elder sister.

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

France and Britain joined the invasion.

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Elwood refused to accept charity.

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He retired at 65.

Rajarshi and his cousin went into business together.

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

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I only have toast and coffee in the morning.

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I'll let you in on a little secret.


Tareq grew up in an isolated village deep in the mountains.

If it's rainy the mountain climbing will be called off.

Cecilia came last.

He probably entered this room.

He is very hard on lazy people.


I can take you to him.

You did not come to school yesterday.

I got a camera in a lottery.

I'm happy to wait.

Jennie works for a Canadian company.

What sunglasses are pink?

I find this hard to believe.

I don't understand the problem; I could make neither head nor tail of it.

I think I spider.


I can't help thinking what Jin would say if he saw me doing this.

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Charles is direct.

We all have children.

He generally goes home at five o'clock.

Why do you want her to have it?

I know about this already.

People in other countries often say that the Japanese are not religious enough.

He nods and shakes the spheres.

He became irritated.

The police left without finding anything.

Can computers actually translate literary works?

No criminal charges were filed.


It is necessary to have a license to drive a car.

Is this our cabin?

Zamenhof put his theory into practice.

I'm going to turn you in.

I don't see why we can't talk.

It's very white.

These aren't real.

A bat hunts food and eats at night, but sleeps during the day.

Hohn needed emergency surgery.

She was very busy preparing dinner for her guests.

Kate has a fair complexion, unlike the others in her family.


Finally, I have the house all to myself. Party time!

He booked a room for me at the inn.

This rice is contaminated by arsenic.

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This dog bites.


The bad weather is responsible for the delay.

Jin helped Seymour wash her car.

I guess she really loves me.

I want to improve my Greek.

It's a good paper, apart from a few spelling mistakes.

Do you think we can glue that back together?

She was painfully thin.


The two companies combined in a joint corporation.

Stanley often has to take care of her younger siblings.

He is not ashamed of his father being poor.

I have Craig's address somewhere.

I heard that Beverly is sick.

I didn't know you could play the trombone.

Would you like one now?

Matti is hiding in an abandoned building on Park Street.

Even though I knew that the chances are small, I never gave up.


She works for a big advertising firm in New York.


I am afraid they can't get along very well.


I think we'll be OK.

I'm not going to say that.

Don't be surprised if one night you wake up screaming.

They admired each other.

You didn't let me win, did you?

The breeze feels good.

You shouldn't break promises.

I need Celia to understand.

Mickey's been playing computer games since noon.

I don't know if I can put up with this noise any longer.

Like any company, we've got to look ahead and plan for the future.

How lucky I am!

I live in a rooming house.

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Why do you never clean up after yourself?

I will be seeing her again one of these days.

You should be very careful in crossing the road.

I wonder who made all this.

Hirotoshi claims that he wasn't anywhere near the murder scene at the time of the murder.


He was considered an accomplice.

He is the best athlete in our school.

Saad now requires around-the-clock care.

Lila knew better than to try to kiss Rafik in public.

Insanity means doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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Is eating egg yolks really that unhealthy?

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I could not help feeling sorry for him.


She likes Russian Pop.


Are you sure you won't change your mind?


I am tired of eating at the school cafeteria.

Romain doesn't want to sleep.

Six of them are returning.

I don't know how you can stand Michelle.

I'm not a criminal.

Why do I have to do this alone?

Tell them I won't allow Daren to leave the country.

Just after putting away the dishes, Joan heard the doorbell ring.

Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun?